The Ultimate Software Program for Silent and Live Charity Auctions

Auction Express XT
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Auctions are Fast Becoming a Key Fundraiser for Many Charities

Local charity auctions: 
  • are fun 
  • are profitable 
  • bring members together for a worthy cause
  • promote community involvement
Now You Can Run Your Own Auction - Easily!

(Now compatible with Microsoft Access 2013)

What is the key to the success of Auction Express XT?

This windows based silent and live auction software was designed entirely for charities who want to run a local fundraising auction efficiently.   While being a very powerful application, it's small learning curve enables any volunteer with even very little computer knowledge to help with your silent auction or live auction. 

Auction Express XT Software...

For Local Charity Auctions

 Auction Software
So simple and
 so understandable 
You just may forget that you are using computer

Start with Auction Express XT Silent and Live Auction Software...
If Your Church or Non-Profit Organization wants to run an annual auction as a fundraiser, but does not know where to start

If your last auction failed because the preparation and execution was too complex or unorganized

Save time...
If you volunteered to write a custom database for your charity auction only to find your time invested will be much too great

Try true charity auction software...
If you have used spreadsheets and word processors track your auction items and realized that these programs were not made
for this purpose

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Just click ONCE to: 

  • Input Donors
  • Input Donations
  • Assign Auction Numbers
  • Print Bid Sheets
  • Print Auction Booklet 
  • Input Bidders
  • Assign Paddle Numbers
  • Track Admissions
  • Sell Items 
  • Print Bidder's Receipt 
  • Print Total Sales Report

Now you can leave soon after your auction. Unfortunately, you may have time left to stay and help clean!